A Large Silk Bag: Opulently Woven Cloth

$165.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
9" x 15" x 15", 23 cm x 38 cm x 38 cm

This is a large, drawstring bag of  heavy brocade silk that seems not to have been used.  The silk is predominately a muted green/blue in color and the braided and tasseled drawstring is a vibrant, wild orange.

The cloth is richly patterned and shows peonies, phoenixes and chrysanthemums, which may or may not indicate that this silk may have been intended for use as a Buddhist altar dressing.  A curious detail of the design of the woven brocade is the faux-shibori dappling to the leaves of the peonies--a lovely nod to old fashioned silks of the highest station which would incorporate passages of shibori throughout their complex designs.

As can be seen by the dimensions noted above, this drawstring bag is of generous volume--and is in very good condition.

Really lovely.

A Large Silk Bag: Opulently Woven Cloth