A Large, Sashiko Stitched, Boro Furoshiki: Handwriting

$295.00 USD

early twentieth century: dated Taisho 13 or 1925
62" x 64", 157.5 cm x 162.5 cm

This is large, sashiko stitched furoshiki: a furoshiki is wrapping/carrying/hauling cloth that was used all over old Japan all the time--and which is still used by some today.

This one is beautiful for many reasons, the most obvious one is for the central patch which contains not only beautifully faded sumi or charcoal-based in writing, but also for the beautiful, thick black sashiko stitched mendings which pierce the surface in wonderful configurations and patterns.  These small details are amply documented in the photos attached, so please pore over them to enjoy this beautiful aspect of the furoshiki's central patch.  Written on the patch is also the date of this cloth which is Taisho 13 or around 1925.

Each of the four corners is embellished with a good deal of simple  white thread sashiko stitching, some of which has come undone.  The surface is patched as can also be seen in the detail photos and the center portion of the furoshiki is stretched and distended which, along with the patches and the broken sashiko stitching, is proof that this large cloth was used heavily.

The proper "front" of the furoshiki is also shown in photographs here because the mending to this side of the cloth is so interesting, so please enjoy this view, too.

A wonderful thing for its large size and for its many desirable details.