A Large Resist Dyed Cotton Cloth: Two Roundels

$100.00 USD

**reduced from $125.00**
early twentieth century
25 1/2" x 60", 63.5 cm x 152.5 cm

This is a fairly large, hand woven and resist dyed cotton textile. It is hand stitched from two traditional loom widths of cotton with the seam joining them running in the center of the cloth from left to right.

The cloth--probably taken from a yutan or a furniture cover--shows two rustically resist dyed family crests depicting cranes formed into a roundel. The cranes are crudely rendered and the resisted lines on each of the roundels shows some bleeding and shaking. The resisted area on each shows some scuffing, ingrained dirt and some offset or stray dye; this is indicated on the accompanying detail photos.

The inky blue field which occupies most of the area of the cloth also shows some surface scuffing which indicates that it was used in its lifetime as a household textile.

This is a good-sized textile with very nice, clear images, each slightly flawed but each bold, graphic and traditionally Japanese.