A Large Piece Constructed Sashiko Stitched Cloth: Sleeping Mat or Hearth Cover

$295.00 USD

mid twentieth century
74" x 74", 188 cm x 188 cm

This large, square of pieced, layered and sashiko stitched cloth shows a good variety of colors and styles of Japanese cottons, both hand loomed and commercially produced.

It looks wildly different on each of its sides, and to appreciate this, please make sure to have a good look at all the attached detail photos shown here.

The variety of subtly colored cotton in contrast to fabric pieces of garishly printed cloth make this large hand made cloth so exciting to see.

It is composed of six panels of cloth and the entire piece is hand stitched of old and fairly new cottons; this was probably made sometime in the middle of the twentieth century.

It seems that this over sized cloth was originally used as some kind of sleeping mat--certainly today it could be used as a bed cover.  The piece is still very durable and still has a great deal of life in it.

Pore over the accompanying detail photos to see the changes in the color of the sashiko stitching, and do note some faint stains to the plaid areas, shown close-up here.

A wonderful thing.