A Large Patched Futon Cover: Powerful Simplicity in Symmetry

$345.00 USD

early twentieth century
49" x 80", 124.5 cm x 203.5 cm

This impressively large cotton futon cover is interesting for its graphic placement of two large patches, one at either end of the piece.

The color tones of the opposing patches are almost complimentary; their symmetrical placement on the surface is a powerful for its visual appeal.

The base cloth was more than likely taken from a well-worn kimono and is distressed and patched in areas. There are a few faint stains which is to be expected, one of them shown in a detail photograph.

But it is the strong symmetry of the two large swaths of cloth used as patches on either side that draw attention to this patched bed cover.

It definitely draws the eye to it and holds it there: it is easy to admire this as one would appreciate art.