A Large, Lined, Two-Sided Coverlet: Pieced Indigo Dyed Cotton

$325.00 USD

early twentieth century
64" x 48 1/2", 162.5 cm x 123 cm

This large, piece-constructed, indigo dyed cotton cloth is backed.

It is made from recycled cottons, it is stitched entirely by hand--and its original use was to either be put under a futon or to use as a cover at night, or both.

It is still extremely usable for that purpose or for any other similar use, such as a throw: the cloth and the construction are both still very durable so there should be no fear of enjoying this in the home.

The visual effect of the placement of the different tones and patterns of indigo dyed cloth is wonderful to see. One side shows a variety of color tones while the back is all the same cloth, albeit stitched from many pieces.

Aside from the hole to one layer of cloth on the top, right corner the coverlet is in good, used condition.

Very attractive and hand made, this piece has age and is a good looking old folk textile with still a great deal of life in it.