A Large Indigo Dyed Katazome Futon Cover: Patches

$495.00 USD

early twentieth century
68 1/4" x 64", 173 cm x 162.5 cm

This is a large, intact but opened futon cover composed of five separate panels of indigo dyed katazome cotton that have been machine stitched together.

The katazome has been stencil resisted on both its sides. This process aims to create a very clear, sharp image but what sometimes happens is that the registration from back to front is slightly askew and some images blur a bit. This is the case here--if you look at some of the detail photos you will notice a slight halo in some areas of the pattern.

The pattern is based on stylized bamboo in roundels against a background of trailing arabesque.

As can be seen there are a few hand stitched patches to the futon cover and there is a small tear or two, not large, and not distracting to the overall enjoyment of the piece.

This is a very good amount of katazome cotton to enjoy and being that the piece is so large it is versatile in its enjoyment. It can be hung as artwork, used in interiors, admired as inspiration or utilized as fashion.

In good, used conditionĀ it is a bonus to be able to have an intact futon cover.