A Large Indigo Dyed Cotton Shibori Boro Fragment: Futon Cover

$345.00 USD

early twentieth century
72" x 24 3/4", 183 cm x 63 cm

This is a very unusual and interesting-to-look at boro fragment which was probably taken from a futon cover.

Before it was hand stitched to become a futon cover it is fairly clear that, judging from the stitched shibori designs that comprise the piece and by the diagonal pieces of cloth used to make it, that its origin was some kind of kimono, more than likely a yogi or a kimono shaped duvet.

The indigo dyed cloth itself seems hand spun and hand woven and there are holes on the proper, right hand top/middle area of the piece which are illustrated here.

The shibori designs are large scale and dramatic in effect and the placing of them within the pieced arrangement here seems arbitrary and not with a grand design idea in mind. This is its charm.

The reverse side to what is shown here is slightly tattered. This side is shown as the preferred side as its seams and structure are evident, making for a interesting, comprehensive textile.

Unusual, beautiful and recommended.