A Large Hand Painted Festival Banner Cartoon: Seven Chinese Ancients

$85.00 USD

reduced from $110.00
ca. mid to late nineteenth century
23" x 50", 58.5 cm x 127 cm

This wonderfully realized, hand painted, eight paneled drawing is a cartoon for a set of festival banners to be flown on ceremonial occasions. The cartoon is done with opaque watercolor on hand made paper.  In the detail photos that accompany this entry we have shown an image of actual festival banners as an example.

Having done some research and having asked some friends in Japan, we are just a bit stumped by the image: clearly these drawings represent Chinese ancients who are dressed in historical costume.  They are most likely of the Taoist bent or they be scholars, poets or connoisseurs.  In any case, as they will be shown at festival time in Japan where good wishes and high mindedness are the order of the day, they are certainly an elevated sort, whether it be in the realm of philosophy or the arts.

Note the flowing, layered, silk robes and the accoutrements of authority that enhance the persona of each of the seven Chinese ancients.

Beautifully done.