A Large Cloth of Shibori and Stenciled Images: Machine Stitched

$295.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
68" x 35", 173 cm x 89 cm

This is a large cotton mat composed of pieces of large-scale kumo (spiderweb patterned) shibori that have been over-dyed using a stencil.

The over-dyed images are unusual: they are of wildly stylized, attenuated, seemingly invented flower forms, quite fantastic. 

The original purpose of this cloth is not known although it could have been used as a cover for sleeping or for mat to sleep upon.

The pieces of cotton are machine stitched together, the indigo tone is not botanical which is not surprising given the estimated age of this piece (early to mid twentieth century). The field of shibori--its scale and color--works so well with the size and area of this mat. The addition of the black toned stenciled flowers creates a dazzling effect to the already complex field of large shibori webs.

As can be seen on the detail photos there are visually inobtrusive small holes and stains, very few of them, and those that are there do not detract from the overall visual enjoyment of this piece.

This is a really handsome, intact old cloth from Japan, and one that beautifully shows off the ingenuity of the maker.