A Very Large Boro Mat: Many Splayed Sakabukuro

$225.00 USD

mid twentieth century
72" x 45", 183 cm x 114.25 cm

This large textile has been hand stitched together and is assembled of about 5 splayed sakabukuro or sake (or soy sauce) making filters that have been opened up and hand stitched together.

The different tones of brown shown on the canvas-weight cotton are the result of how many times the sakabukuro was dipped into a bath of kaki shibu or green persimmon tannin. The darker the brown tone, the more times it was dipped.

Sakabukuro are known for their distinctive mending stitches which can be seen here and are shown in detail on the accompanying photographs.

The original use for this type of cloth made of re-purposed fabric is unclear, although it could have been intended to be used under a futon or as a sitting mat, perhaps for a small group of people.

There is a horizontal, dark line from wear which cuts across the center of the piece with a small stain, only noticeable on one side.

Beautiful and recommended.

A Very Large Boro Mat: Many Splayed Sakabukuro