A Large "Boro" Indian Cotton Bag: Embroidery and Recycling

$115.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
23" x 15", 58.5 cm x 38 cm

What a magnificent, exuberant Indian folk textile which comes from the Charan community of the state of Gujarat.

This is an embroidered cotton bag, large in size, that is decorated with three, full, dyed wool pompoms.  The cotton, as is plain to see, is patched and mended--and the base cloth of this large bag is made of recycled cottons, probably of dhotis or the traditional "sarong" worn by men in India.

The stitched embroidery is simply fascinating and charming: this bag is a standard variety among the Charan people, and countless and subtle variations on it exist.  The bag is made of at least two layers of cloth and is still quite sturdy and usable.

The cotton strap is newly applied to the body of the bag and is easily removed if so desired--but what fun it would be to wear this bag.

Really, really gorgeous and recommended.