A Large and Gloriously Patched Boro Furoshiki: Very Fine Katazome

$425.00 USD

early twentieth century
69" x 65", 175 cm x 165 cm

This is a magnificent and large boro textile: it is a good-sized, katazome dyed cotton furoshiki or carrying/wrapping cloth that has been patched with a beautiful array of cotton fragments.

The base cloth is almost gauzy in weight and it is just lovely for its stencil resisted design: stylized chrysanthemums are show against a background of karakusa or trailing vines in a palette of white, blue, grey and black. Marvelous.

The patches, which are beautifully arranged, are in lovely contrast to the katazome dyed base cloth; the large-scale ikat silk patches are machine stitched to the furoshiki while the other, indigo dyed cotton patches are hand stitched.

This is boro on a grand scale and one that shows both grandeur and delicacy. Just beautiful.