A Large and Exuberantly Pieced Boro Futon Cover: Mid Twentieth Century

$695.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
64" x 55", 162.5 cm x 140 cm

This is a large and visually exciting section from a boro futon cover.

Judging by the age and the type of the cloth used to make it it was probably put together in the first third of the twentieth century. It is completely hand stitched.

As noted in the title of this post this is both a large and an exuberantly pieced and patched boro textile.

The combination of stripes, kasuri and patterned cloth of different sizes and scale in contrast to the noticeable pop of color in the two, large orange patches create a really delightful visual cacophony and one that we sometimes hope to find in boro textiles. This one has it.

In addition we can see that the back of the futon cover, which in reality would have been the "public facing" side of the futon cover, is less contrasting in color and tone but is rich in piecing, patching and mending and the detail photos here show these details quite well.

The good size of the piece is a perfect fit for the applied components that fill the area of the cloth while beautifully still offering visual surprises.

With such varied pieces of old cloth in such unusual combinations--and with such an impressive size--this is a boro cloth to consider for your collection.