A Kuzufu Fragment: Woven Kudzu Fiber

$12.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
21" x 12", 53 cm x 30.5 cm

Kudzu fiber cloth is a beautiful type of traditional Japanese cloth that is known for its elegance, its naturally glossy finish and for its convenience of wear (one of the benefits of kuzufu is that it is quick-drying).

Kuzufu was often used for samurai costumes, especially when it was woven from finely plied kuzu fibers which gave the cloth a silken appearance.  Often the finished cloth would be dyed and patterned to add to its beauty and to be more fitting for a high-ranking member of Japanese society.

This particular piece of kuzufu is a bit more rustic than the fine cloth used for samurai costumes; you can see there are thicker yarns and large-ish knots that give texture to the piece.  There is a cotton warp and a rough, kuzu yarn weft.  This fragment is undyed and shows some ingrained soiling and faint staining from age.

A very good study piece for a weaver or collector.

A Kuzufu Fragment: Woven Kudzu Fiber