A Katazome Dyed Cotton Boro Textile: Two Hand Stitched Panels

$85.00 USD

early twentieth century
28 1/2" x 26", 72.5 cm x 66 cm

This is a beautifully tattered and faded section from a futon cover, the indigo dyed cotton from which it was made is dyed in the katazome technique.

We see here the proper reverse of the futon cover section because it is on the inside where patches generally are stitched. There are nine of them, each hand stitched to the surface, and each in contrast to the ground cloth.

The katazome pattern is one that is meant to confer a wish for long life as it shows cranes and pine, traditional symbols of longevity. Each motif also suggests a wish for marital fidelity since cranes mate for life and pine needles fall in pairs.

Please note the threadbare areas of cloth as well as the holes which are part of this two-panel boro textile.

Really nice.