A Kasuri Zabuton Sham: Cotton

$28.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
20" x 20 1/2", 51 cm x 52 cm 

This off-square pouch of kasuri woven cotton is the sham or casing for a zabuton, a traditional Japanese seating cushion.

This particular is of a medium weight cotton and shows both warp and weft-based woven stripes.  At dead center on each side of this cloth is a weft kasuri--a "picture" kasuri or egasuri-- which depicts fallen maple leaves swirling on the surface of a brook or stream.  This is a cooling image, often seen on textiles.

There are two pin-prick sized holes on the maple leaf design on one side of the sham.

A lovely thing.

A Kasuri Zabuton Sham: Cotton