A Kasuri Woven Furoshiki: Chain Stitch Sashiko Details

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early to mid twentieth century
39 1/2" x 32", 100 cm x 81.25 cm

This is a furoshiki or a traditional carrying cloth used in Japan for hauling goods, for storing things in the home or at work, for presentation or for travel.

This particular furoshiki is hand stitched from four pieces of striped kasuri cotton which was woven in a bold pattern. Each of the four corners show white cotton chain stitch. On the upper right and lower left we see a jagged line. On the two opposing corners we see cherry blossoms.

You will note a stain to the cloth on the upper, right hand corner: it is most obvious on the white chain stitch but it bleeds into the cloth, too. It is very difficult to see and it is not distracting in the least.

The center of the furoshiki is slightly distended due to its former life hauling goods but other than this and the aforementioned stain this is a very sturdy, handsome old folk textile.