A Kasuri Dyed Hemp Apron: Omi Jofu

$35.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
24" x 12 1/4", 61 cm x 31 cm

Omi jofu, the beautifully woven hemp or ramie cloth from a place which was called Omi in Shiga Prefecture, is one of the finest natural fiber textiles woven in Japan.

The individual yarns are hair-thin and this produces an almost silky finished cloth, which is usually dyed in the kasuri method, as we see here.

This is one loom width of cloth that has been fashioned to become an apron; the apron's tabs have been cut.

The pattern on the cloth is varied.  Shown are swallows, well covers, paulownia flowers and other highly stylized, traditional Japanese motives.

A really marvelous length of good, old indigo dyed hemp kasuri cloth from Omi.

A Kasuri Dyed Hemp Apron: Omi Jofu