A Homespun Indigo Dyed Cotton Furoshiki: Resist Dyed Details

$116.00 USD

**reduced from $145.00**
early twentieth century
50" x 52", 127 cm x 132 cm

Numerous times, on many postings previous to this one, we spoke about the ito aji or the thread taste of old Japanese cloth.

This indigo dyed cotton furoshiki, or traditional wrapping cloth, is rich in thread taste due to the marvelous hand spun cotton threads which were used to weave it.   The woven cotton feels fantastic due to its home spun fibers, and, as is often the case, when folded the loose fibers of the threads bind in an almost Velcro-like way.

The indigo is rich, deep and marvelous indigo blue.  The paste resist dyed details on opposing corners are clear, bright and crisp white.

To the center of the furoshiki, where most of the hard wear happened, there is a small group of tears to the cloth, seen quite clearly in the attached thumbnails.

A really subtle and sophisticated cloth from old Japan.