A Hemp or Ramie Kasuri Fragment: Two Panels, Bats

$85.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
33" x 18", 84 cm x 46 cm

This is a faded indigo dyed cloth of ramie or hemp which is dyed in the kasuri method, probably from Omi, a place in Shiga prefecture well known for its high quality hemp and ramie cloth production, most of it dyed in the kasuri method.

This piece is hand stitched down the center from two narrow pieces of the same cloth; in the center is a third piece which has been stitched on top as reinforcement of some kind. Perhaps this is a fragment taken from a child's kimono; perhaps from another finished textile.

The pattern is interesting. The base is large crosses. Chrysanthemums and fragmented asanoha or hemp leaves float amid this geometric ground as do images of bats which are always fun to see in textile designs. 

The cloth is very worn and it is softened by time, both in the texture and hand of the woven hemp or ramie but also in its color which is faded to a beautiful medium light blue tone. The indigo used to dye these panels is warm in tone and has faded beautifully.

This is a beautiful length of old cloth and one that illustrates and embodies the wonderful weaving traditions we admire from old Japan.



A Hemp or Ramie Kasuri Fragment: Two Panels, Bats