A Heavy Weight Pieced Cotton Hearth Cover: Subtle Dark Colors

$265.00 USD

mid twentieth century
63" x 63", 160 cm x 160 cm

This off-square, large hand stitched cotton textile is a kotatasugake or a heavy weight cloth draped over a free-standing heated table that provides a heat source in cold weather. The family would gather around the kotatsu or heating source and slip their legs under the kotatsugake which trapped the warmth from the hearth.

This one is hand stitched from about two or three layers of cotton cloth and it seemingly unused. 

One side is a patchwork of dark-colored cottons, some of the configurations and juxtapositions of color and pattern can be seen on the accompanying detail photos.

The other side is made of a striped, blue cotton with some repairs and with some ingrained fibers on the lower, right-hand corner, shown in photos.

This is a lovely traditional cloth and it is of a weight that can be carefully used as an area rug, or as a throw for a couch, chair or bed.

Very handsome.