A Heavy Shibori Dyed Juban: Under Kimono with Cotton Velour Details

$396.00 USD

**reduced from $495.00**
late nineteenth, early twentieth century
54" x 51", 137 cm x 129.5 cm

This is a juban or an under kimono and it is fairly heavy due to its thick cottons and that it is fully lined in re-cycled indigo dyed cottons.

The juban is beautifully constructed and finished. On its sleeves are fragments of cotton velourĀ  and on its collar are narrow pieces of cotton velour of a different color and pattern that what is seen on the sleeves.

The sleeves and the bottom area of the juban are hand stitched of a beautifully rich white-on-blue cotton shibori that shows plum blossoms and pine needles, two traditional Japanese design motifs.

The garment is long and heavy and clearly was made to be worn either in a cold climate or during winters.

The contrast of the boldly patterned shibori against the woven stripe/moire of the bodice is of good design.