A Heavily Sashiko Stitched Furoshiki: Dated 1957

$185.00 USD

25" x 27", 63.5 cm x 68.5 cm

This is a furoshiki which is a traditional Japanese cloth used for wrapping, carrying, hauling or storing goods.

It is made of commercially loomed cotton that has been expertly sashiko stitched over the entire surface in the asa no ha or hemp leaf pattern. The cotton thread used for sashiko stitching has a slight brownish cast to it, perhaps it is offset from the dye of the base cloth, but this is not certain.

So interesting is the undyed image in the lower right-hand corner of the furoshiki. Along with writing we see an airplane depicted with the date "1957" on the side of the airplane. This kind of certainty of dating is a gift as often we don't know the exact date of any given textile.

This is a really wonderful furoshiki and one to be considered for your collection.