A Heavily Patched Two Panel Boro Textile with Good Age and Wear

$425.00 USD


late nineteenth century
54" x 24", 137 cm x 61 cm

This is a wonderful example of an indigo dyed cotton, boro futon cover fragment.  It is entirely hand stitched of repurposed, hand woven cottons and the density of patches and stitching is what you would want to see when selecting a boro textile.  It also has age, which is one of the foremost characteristics when acquiring a good boro piece.

All the cottons are old, most likely dating to the mid to late nineteenth century.  They are arranged in a beautiful happenstance, in some areas the cottons are several layers thick.

Each side of this futon cover fragment is beautiful: one is richly patched, the other is beautifully distressed and faded.