A Hard-to-Find Mino Shibori Yukata: Machine Stitched

$375.00 USD

mid twentieth century
47" x 48", 119.5 cm x 122 cm

This dramatically dyed and designed yukata or unlined cotton kimono was dyed in the mino shibori style, a hard-to-find type of shibori that is meant to suggest a mino or a heavy twined traditional straw rain cape.

Although this type of shibori was not frequently done and this type is fairly rare to see please know several key things about this yukata: the cotton is commercially produced, the yukata is entirely machine sewn and the indigo is more than likely not botanical.

Still this dramatic looking yukata is expertly dyed with the great, wide rings or indigo encircling the top of the yukata and radiating, controlled stains of dye encompassing the body of the garment.

The color is intensely blue and the condition of the undyed cotton is good and bright. The entire garment is beautifully executed and marvelous to look at. Its bold design and good condition enhancing its allure.

Recommended for its rarity and its fine state, despite being machine stitched this is a lovely and hard-to-find type of shibori.