A Handsome and Tattered Boro Work Coat: Indigo Dyed Cotton

$316.00 USD

**reduced from $395.00**
early twentieth century
34" x 51", 86.3 cm x 129.5 cm

This is a handsome, indigo dyed cotton boro noragi or work coat--it is shown inside out in order to highlight its piece construction and its patching and mending.

The pieces of indigo dyed cotton which are hand stitched together to create this work coat are varied in tone and character which adds to its visual appeal.

The mending and repair work which is all hand stitched is the significant feature of this coat and one that is interesting on its own.

The cotton has softened from repeated use and is of good quality. There is, however, some loss to the coat, most notably on the proper left sleeve; there is a gouge or hole to the cotton on the back, proper right. These areas of loss are shown on the detail photos which accompanying this post.

This noragi contains many visually enchanting elements, chief among them are the clever repairs which are ample and illustrated here.

A nice noragi and one that is recommended.