A Handsome 19th Century Boro Kimono: Hand Spun Cotton

$395.00 USD

mid-to-late nineteenth century
54 1/2" x 48", 138.5 cm x 122 cm

This is a handsomely detailed and repaired cotton kimono that is shown inside-out in order to the repairs to be easily seen.

More than likely this was the outer layer of a padded, lined kimono or yogi which is a kimono-shaped duvet.

Aside from the visual interest of this kimono which is high, what is interesting about it is that all the cotton on it seems to be from the same era, probably from the mid-to-late nineteenth century. Good age on Japanese folk textiles is a key factor in judging their quality.

The cotton is all hand spun and hand woven, a detail of which is shows on the accompanying detail photos here. Again, in judging the quality of an old textile you will want it to be of hand spun cotton: ito aji or thread flavorĀ is prized in Japan and home spun cottons a rich in this quality.

There are stains to the proper front of both sleeves which can be seen in the accompanying detail photos which, when seen in real life, are not as noticeable as on the photos here. They are not distractions from enjoying the piece as a whole.

Beautifully hand stitched and beautifully repaired, this subtle patched kimono of good age is a lovely, direct connection to old Japan.