A Hand Stitched Zanshi Ori Bag: Heavy Slubby Cotton

$60.00 USD

early twentieth century
28 1/2" x 9 3/4", 72.5 cm x 24.75 cm

What a marvelous bag hand stitched from absolutely beautiful, thickly woven hand loomed cotton.  This pouch-like bag is similar in size and construction to a sake filter or sakabukuro--and it may have been destined to become one.

Have a look at the thick, slubby cotton that this bag is made from.  You will notice that the striated coloration of the bag is uneven and the color distribution between cream and blue is arbitrary.  This is the result of leftover yarns being used to weave the cloth from which this bag has been cut.

The uneven distribution of color is particularly striking in this bag and it gives it so much character.  The bag is entirely hand stitched and it seems not to have been used.  An extremely faint stain on the center of the bag which can be seen in the first few lead photos: very, very difficult to discern.

Just gorgeous.


A Hand Stitched Zanshi Ori Bag: Heavy Slubby Cotton