A Hand Stitched Cotton Kotatsugake: Katazome and Zanshi ori

$395.00 USD

mid twentieth century
63" x 62", 160 cm x 157.5 cm

This good-sized cotton cloth is a kotatsugake which is a cover for a traditional brazier. As the kotatsu (brazier) was placed under a table, this kind of heavy cloth cover was used to keep the heat contained so a family could sit around it while covering their legs and enjoying some heat.

This kotatsugake is hand stitched from katazome dyed cotton on its face, the katazome showing a fanciful pattern of pauwlonia flowers amid a background of arabesques. The indigo color has gone a bit neutral grey which is a lovely element of the process of ageing.

The back of the kotatsugake is made of zanshi woven cotton. Zanshi textiles are woven from the remaindered yarn from spools, which is knotted together in random selection, creating unusual fits and starts of color, pattern and value throughout the piece.  You can see the weft yarns are leftover and create a random pattern throughout.

There is one large indigo dyed cotton patch in the top center of the back and there is loss to the zanshi cloth right below it, pictured here.

This old kotatsugake can be used on a bed or a sofa--and it can also be used as an area rug in a low traffic part of your home.

Traditional and beautiful.