A Hand Spun Hand Woven Cotton Length: Beautiful Plaid

$80.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
58" x 12 3/4", 147 cm x 32.5 cm

This is a simply beautiful length of indigo dyed, hand spun, hand woven cotton cloth: its beauty is derived from its wonderfully hand made materials, its rich color, its straightforward design and its natural tactility.

More than likely this length was woven in the area of Tamba which is known for its important contributions to Japanese folk textiles; this length shows qualities of cloth from Tamba among which are a soft, hand spun cotton and a refined color/design sense.

The are six hand stitched patches to this length which add extra visual interest to this already wonderfully rich length of old cotton.

Please note there are some small holes and snags to this cloth but none of them detract from appreciating the beauty of this lovely old length of hand woven cotton.