A Hand Pieced Silk Han Juban or Half Under Kimono: Leftover Pieces

$185.00 USD

arly to mid twentieth century
27" x 22", 68.5 cm x 56 cm

This vest-like garment was more than likely meant to be used as an under-kimono.

The bright colors of the various silks are jauntily placed with no care for symmetry and design. This random placement of colored silks is a charming and appealing feature of this garment.

The cloth is clearly a collection of scraps that were brought together to create this brightly colored garment.

Very often under kimono were pieced of cloth in saturated and contrasting colors for the simple reason that it would be a kind of secret jubilation known only to the woman--and also because for centuries most common people (90% of the Japanese population in the old days) were restricted to wear somber tones and small patterns or stripes. Wearing something as flamboyant like this was only allowed if it was not seen.

The condition is good and used. There is some light wear to the inside lining and a very faint, small stain or two here and there. 

The clashing vibrancy of the colors and the random size and scale of all the pieces coming together to create this garment is a lot of fun while at the same time visually arresting.