A Hand Made Rustic Money Belt: Scraps of Wool Suiting Material

$175.00 USD

early twentieth century
5" x 33", 12.5 cm x 84 cm

This charmingly hand-made accessory seems to be a money belt. It is machine stitched from about thirty or so scraps of what appear to be men's suiting fabric which are artfully arranged with the dark-toned pieces at the ends of the belt and the patterned and textured lighter-toned pieces up front in the center of the belt.

There are two pockets in the front which are decorated/reinforced by red hand embroidered designs. Hand-stitched mending can be seen on areas that received stress during its lifetime.

The belt is lined or backed in what seems to be a kind of red colored cotton twill or cotton flannel that has been well-worn. There is evidence there were three broken plastic buttons on the cloth and the mending stitches from the front of the belt can be seen on the red lining. There are three button holes on the opposite end to the buttons.

This is really a wonderful old hand made accessory which shows not only the ingenuity and the resourcefulness of the maker, but it also shows the maker took delight in making something visually attractive that would be fun to wear.

A real treasure.