A Hand Cut Katagami: Katazome Stencil

$60.00 USD

**reduced from $75.00**
early twentieth century
10 3/4" x 15 1/4", 27.25 cm x 38.75 cm

A katagami is a hand cut stencil that is used as a guide to apply rice paste to the surface of cloth when dyeing in the katazome method. Katagami are made of paper that has been saturated with green persimmon tannin or kaki shibu and then smoked for added durability.

This one shows two large, bold images: to the left is a family crest of crossed feathers, to the right is another family crest, this one a stylized butterfly.

There is some loss to the crossed feathers crest in the form of a broken part of the image but otherwise the sencil is in good condition.

A lovely old katagami with really attractive, large-scale images.