A Generous Length of Wide Woven Sakiori Cloth: Rag Weave

$245.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
196" x 14 3/4", 4.95 m x 37.5 cm

Although the way this length is presented in photos here makes it seem as if it is a ragwoven or sakiori obi.

It is in fact much more voluminous than an obi--it is a good deal longer and quite a bit wider than an obi so when handling this in person it has a good deal of heft and length.

This generously portioned section was probably intended to be stitched into a kotatsugake or a blanket-weight, rug-like cloth to be used to cover a heated table.

As can be seen here the color of the ragwoven length is beautifully rich and variegated.

Some of the detail photos presented here attempt to show the small blips of loss to the selvedge areas. They run throughout the piece but are actually hard to see because they are not of great area and are subtle in the overall scheme of things.

This is a good-sized length of old sakiori weaving and with the exception of the small blips of loss on the selvedges it is in good, condition.

Just beautiful.