A Full-Scale Roof Tile Drawing: Gathering Clouds

$30.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century  
18" x 13", 45.5 cm x 33 cm

This is a hand made ink drawing which comes from the workshop of a roof tile maker in Ise, Japan.

The drawing is done in charcoal-based ink on paper, and the full-scale design is meant as a guide for making the elements which will comprise a traditional tiled roof. 

As might be able to be discerned by looking at the detail photos here, the odd-shaped paper is delicate and is well-creased.

Please note some smudges of grey clay on the paper--obviously this is the material used to make the roof tiles.

And the elaborate curved design is meant to suggest a cloud, the cloud being the carrier of rain and water being essential for the preservation from fire of a traditional wood and paper constructed house.

Just lovely--and its abstracted image as pulled out of context is curious and attractive.

A Full-Scale Roof Tile Drawing: Gathering Clouds