A Full Bolt of Unused Shibori Dyed Cotton: Flowers and Arabesques

$196.00 USD

**reduced from $245.00**
mid twentieth century
approximately 12 yards x 11",  11 m x 28 cm

This is a bolt of unused shibori dyed cotton cloth, presumably dyed in Arimatsu/Narumi, an important shibori production center of Japan.

The bolt or tanmono was intended for use as a yukata, an unlined summer kimono.

The textured tie dyed  pattern shown here is a repeat pattern of flowers--most likely camellias--among arabesques. The background to this bold design is an all over field of miura shibori.

The cotton is machine loomed and the indigo does not seem botanical which is the case of most shibori from this age and produced for mass-consumption. The red color, too, is most likely the result of a synthetic dye.

And please note the end bolt and its marking: clearly the studio which made this bolt put this kind of reference on this bolt for the purposes of inventory or perhaps for an intended client.