A Full Bolt of Tightly Puckered Shibori Dyed Silk: Narrow from Shape Resisting

$295.00 USD

mid twentieth century
approximately 12 yards x 8", approximately 10.9 m x 20 cm

This is a full, unused bolt of shibori dyed silk that still retains the original, paper tag of the maker or broker.

The shibori is tie dyed and the puckers are minuscule and packed very tight. The width of the cloth which was originally probably 13"/33 cm has shrunk considerably due to the dense and tiny tie dyeing exerted on the cloth of this bolt of cloth.

If ironed, of course, the width of the cloth would expand and the floral pattern would be easier to see. As it is now the cloth is springy and thick-feeling--and the tactile sense of the cloth is a delight to experience.