A Full Bolt of Shibori Dyed Silk: Cloud Shapes

$165.00 USD

mid twentieth century
approximate 12 yards x 13 1/2", approximately 10.9 m x 34 cm

This is a full bolt of shibori dyed silk which is intended to be used to stitch a kimono.

The color of the slightly textured, supple, silk cloth is a deep, warm burnt orange color. This is punctuated by yellow-toned shibori "clouds" inside of which are simple white shibori designs.

The cloth slippery in the hand and drapes beautifully. Its pared-down but graphically appealing design could be considered very "Japanese" in its simplicity and beauty.

A visually interesting bolt of silk shibori cloth that might be inspiration for fashion or design ideas or could easily put to use in the fashioning of a garment, bag or home accessory.