A Full Bolt of Kumo Shibori: Beautiful Cotton and Indigo

$475.00 USD

early twentieth century
10 yards x 13", 9.1 m x 33 cm

Full bolts of old shibori as this one is are treasures and are extremely rare to fine these days.

This bolt is particularly good for its very good cotton (seemingly hand woven, but if not, it mimics it beautifully), for its wonderfully rich botanical indigo dye, for the strong, all-over pattern of kumo or spiderweb and for the clarity of the shibori pattern: the cloth is still very puckered from its making.

The spiderweb pattern is large in scale and there are very clear traces of the resist from the string used to tie each puckered web. Because the cotton of this bolt was so vigorously shaped in its making the selvedge edges are extremely uneven and curvy as they reflect the tension used to create the all over pattern.

Highly recommended.