A Full Bolt of Hinode Shibori: Complex Technique

$695.00 USD

searly twentieth century
11+ x 13", 10+ m x 33 cm

This is a full, unused bolt (a bit more than 11 yards or 10 meters) of a kind of stitched, gathered and bound indigo dyed cotton shibori known as hinode or sunrise.

The pattern is dense in indigo and it presents as a boldly rendered repeat. 

The bolt was destined to become a yukata or an unlined, casual kimono, the cotton that is used to make this bolt is of a type that appears to be hand woven--whether it is actually hand woven is unclear but the cloth has a very nice hand with lovely, textured yarns.

As is fairly understandable, full bolts of shibori dyed cotton are rare to come across, even more so when the technique or pattern is hinode as this one is. The bolt is in good condition with one small hole (shown) and a lentil-sized blemish or small stain about 2' or 60 cm into the bolt.

This is a treasure that holds endless possibilities both for potential art or design projects or to hold on to for its intrinsic value or for inspiration.