A Fragment of Edo Period Katazome Boro: Hemp or Ramie

$145.00 USD

mid nineteenth century
38" x 17 1/2", 96.5 cm x 44.5 cm

Pay special attention to this wonderful, old fabric.

This is a fragment of late Edo period (first half 19th century) hemp or ramie cloth which is constructed from two pieces that have been hand stitched together. After the two pieces were stitched, the fragment was dyed in the stencil resist method, which accounts for the undyed selvedge which runs down the side of this piece.

The old and beautiful cotton fragments used for patching this piece, about 16 in all, seem to be equally old as the base cloth; the patches are beautifully arranged on the surface of this cloth, although they are arbitrarily placed in order to cover holes or stress to the base cloth.

Still, please be aware that there are ample, small holes all over the this patched length--no surprise given its age.

The pattern on the reverse side of the cloth is that of field of what appears to be stylized chrysanthemums--a charming design.

Wonderful. Recommended.