A Finished Sashiko Stitched Mat: Faded Black/ Grey Cotton

$175.00 USD

ca. early to mid twentieth century
36" x 31", 91.5 cm x 78.5 cm

What a lovely, handsome textile.  This is a finished mat of sorts, probably once used for sitting, which is fashioned from repurposed charcoal grey colored cotton (probably a faded black) that has been entirely sashiko stitched in four directions: verical, horizontal and on two diagonals. The cloth seems to be several layers thick.

The finished edges of the cloth are softly contoured on the corners, the sashiko stitching is still very much intact and does not show any breaking or fraying.  Really lovely.

Each of the two sides is in similarly good condition and the piece does not show any staining, holes or surface abrasion worth mentioning.

A really lovely piece of sashiko stitched cloth.