A Festive and Fringed Back Pad or Bandori: Cotton Covered Straw

$345.00 USD

mid twentieth century
52" x 10 1/2", 132 cm x 26.5 cm

This is a wonderful object and an usual one, of sorts.  It is  a bandori or back pad, which is made by covering narrow bundles of rice straw in recycled cotton shreds and then lashing these multi-colored cotton tubes together to fashion this festive, fringed back pad.

The bandori is said to have come from Japan's rural north east or Tohoku region and it was said to be used during a local festival, probably worn by someone who was helping to carry a very heavy festival float.

The colors of the back pad are variegated and beautifully restrained.  

The long, lavish fringes are a wonderful, decorative addition to the overall scheme, and they probably aided in cushioning the festival burden against the back of the person who was bearing the load.

A wonderful object, one that almost seems like a tribal piece from another culture.

Just beautiful--and recommended.