A Fantastic Boro Furoshiki: Sashiko Stitched and Hand Loomed Cotton

$175.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
37 1/2" x 34", 95 cm x 86.5 cm

This is a complex and beautiful, indigo dyed furoshiki.  

The base cloth is a stunning blue-on-blue hand loomed cotton; there is a central, asagi or pale blue patch which has been hand stitched to the furoshiki, presumably to strengthen the piece.

On top of this centrally placed reinforcement panel there is sashiko stitched a family crest over which is placed a roof-like image, suggesting this furoshiki may have been used in the course of business as this visual configuration usually is associated with shops or stores or other commercial enterprises.

And this furoshiki has been used.  It does not lay flat due to its long life as a wrapping cloth: the cotton has been stretched over time and therefore there is a bit of volume to the center of the cloth, the area which was most stressed.

The furoshiki is beautifully crinkled, stitched and patched: both sides, front and back, are equally interesting.  Note the wear and holes to the piece, which are quite evident in the accompanying photos.

Beautiful, rich in good details--and recommended.