A Faded and Repaired Three Panel Cotton Noren: Large Well Cover Motif

$295.00 USD

early twentieth century
54" x 39 1/2", 137 cm x 100.5 cm

This is a noren which is a traditional Japanese curtain of sorts, one that was often hung in front of shops, functioning as a shop sign, as a signal the business was open, and to mark a transition from the outside world to an interior space.

This faded and resist dyed three panel noren is completely hand stitched and shows a large, central image of a well cover: this image spans the three panels that comprise the noren.  

The noren has been well-used as it is clearly well-worn. Its grey toned dye has faded, its central image has softened, there is a thin, broken bead of staining in the center of the noren, passing through the image, and this is shown on the accompanying detail photos. There are also small, hand-stitched patches--just a few--here and there, discreetly placed.

A subtle beauty with a soft, large presence that calls up the beauty of everyday culture in Japan.