A Fabulous Two Panel Boro Cloth: Zanshi and Kasuri

$135.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth, early twentieth century
62" x 25",  157.5 cm x 63 cm

This is a really interesting, very handsome, two panel, indigo dyed boro cotton cloth.

The base cloth is a deeply colored stripe, some of the warp yarns being kasuri yarns, which add a kind of "sparkle" to the overall look of the dark cotton.

To the top of the piece are hand stitched two, large, irregularly faded pieces of very interesting indigo dyed cotton: this cotton is composed of narrow, kasuri warp-based stripes against which is a sparse field of weft-based egasuri showing gourds, maple leaves and narrow, elongated blips.  Really interesting.

On the bottom, left-hand quadrant of the piece is a large piece of hand woven, black and white zanshi ori or cotton cloth woven from left over yarns.  Pay attention to the detail photo which accompanies this post which shows the interesting little mending stitch that appears in this field of zanshi ori.

A really, really interesting and attractive boro textile.

A Fabulous Two Panel Boro Cloth: Zanshi and Kasuri