A Double-Sided Boro Futon Cover: Unusual Stepped Piecing

$495.00 USD

early twentieth century
65" x 51 1/2", 165 cm x 131 cm

This boro cotton futon cover is packed with visual interest and both its sides are interesting.

The most noticeable feature is the stepped piecing at the top of the futon cover: there are ten blocks of fabric woven into patterns that seem to be of a fresher vintage than the hand woven striped cloth of the body of the futon cover.

It would not be surprising if these ten pieces of woven, figured cloth were taken from a sample book or a sample roll from a commercial weaving studio.

The effect of this piecing on the proper, public-facing side (the side without the many patches) is subtle and beautiful. The play of the subtly patterned blocks against the boldly patterned wide stripes is a very good, unintended design.

On its reverse, on what would have been the inside or hidden side, we see an array of patches, more than 25 in all-some of them stitched to the base cloth using funny or eccentric stitching. 

The question is: is there a "better" side?

It is a clearly a matter of taste of mood, but in any case this piece can be shown as you see fit, and it can be changed from front to back in order to offer variety and freshness.

This is a very interesting boro futon cover and one to consider owning.