A Double Kasuri Boro Panel: Diagonal Patches

$65.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
47 cm x 19 1/2", 119.5 cm x 49.5 cm

This indigo dyed boro cloth is hand stitched from four pieces of double kasuri or ikat woven cotton, the kasuri pattern being charmingly clunky and a bit "rustic."

The construction of this boro cloth is interesting because two of the main pieces of repurposed cotton are diagonally cut or wedge-shaped.  Also interesting is the large, brown and white kasuri patch that is in contrast to the base cloth and which dominates the stitched design.  In total, there are four, hand stitched patches.

Please pay attention to all the detail photos which accompany this posting; by looking carefully you will see that each of the two sides of this cloth is interesting to look at, and each has its own personality.

The indigo color is very good--slightly faded--and the hand of the cotton is also beautiful as it is hand woven.