A Dip-Dyed Cotton Shibori Yukata: Indigo Butterflies

$595.00 USD

early twentieth century
50 1/2" x 49", 128 cm x 124.5 cm

This marvelous summer garment is an indigo dyed cotton shibori yukata, a yukata being a casual, unlined kimono that is worn for strolling on summer nights, for attending festivals and for other types of casual diversions that summer brings.

As is plain to see the images on the yukata appear because they were selectively dyed using a dipping technique.

Beautifully rendered, fluttering butterflies in graduated sizes dance around the top of the garment, high above the omodaka or water plantains that are seen near the hem of the yukata.

Yukata often are emblazoned with images lighthearted, cooling images that are meant to provide the body respite from Japan's humid, hot summers: seeing such delicate butterflies in such an airy arrangement aid in relieving the mind of stress from constant and close atmospheric heat.

The cotton is of good quality. If it is not hand spun and hand woven it certainly feels like it is--although it could have been woven on old, commercial looms. The cloth has a lovely, soft tooth to it and has a very nice tactile quality.

The indigo tones are strong and clear as are the stitched shibori butterflies and water plantains. The overall condition of the yukata is what could be considered as good and used and there seem to be no stains or noticeable tears to the cotton. It is in nice condition.